Good Meuhning!

This post was started almost a year ago, June 29, 2017, and a lot has happened since then. But we wanted to include it in our adventures

Good Meuhning!  Good Meuhning!  Every morning Eric greets us in his attempt to sound sort of “Francish”.  Eric and his sons, Mark and Nicky, the Lanchester troisome, have been basically living with us for the last 10 weeks (Good God has it been that long!?).  Eric moved his whole family, including adult children, over to France six years ago to escape the British weather and equally dreary British economy (unlike the Brexiters they wanted to become more intimate with the EU).

It is an interesting phenomena that there is a big constituency here of British refugees.  They fled England for various reason and have been very good for the local economy here.  They are the ones who are revitalizing old farms and dying little French villages.  It is a big mystery to me why the majority of imports into the area we live are non-French, mostly Brits, and not French.  In The Netherlands, for example, you saw a big influx of retirees from western Holland buy up delapidated farms in east Netherlands, but that is not happening here.

Jeff with electric saw
Jeff rebuilding shutters

But I am digressing.   The goal of this post is to give you a more realistic picture than the one we have given you so far.  it is not all walks through bucolic country sides, sipping wine while watching another magnificent sunset and delicious meals made from produce grown here around

Tanja on ladder with lasure
I actually got some of the lasure onto the beams!

us.  On the contrary.  Most of our time is spent on getting supplies for the lads (and us) at the various bricos (-depot, -rama, -cash….).  There is nothing idyllic and beautiful about these places.  In fact, it is as bad as any strip mall in the US.  See the pictures.

Lads with wheel barrow
Lads in new kitchen to be

So far Rick has been posting all these stories about beautiful adventures in our neighborhood, watching glorious sunsets with wine, lovely meals on the veranda.  The perfect La Vie en Rose.  But it is not all sunsets and wine. There is plenty of hard work and disappointment, not to mention the waiting, waiting waiting to get things done. But we are glad to be here, and we are excited about completing our work and being able to have guests at long last.



6 Replies to “Good Meuhning!”

  1. Thanks for the update! I am impressed with your work ethic! Know it is hard. I hope Doug and I will be able to visit soon.

  2. Bon jour Tanja! Have you thought about having a painting school for a week or so at La Busaneth? Maybe there is a local artist who would be interested in the instruction. I would be interested and there are several in my painting class who might as well. Advertising in our area and online would probably generate enough students. I painted in Sicily through Flavours International last fall and had such a great time. It’s so great to have a vacation with art as the main feature. A bientot, Jamie

    1. Yes Jamie, we have been thinking about how to do just that. We are looking into various artists and haven’t found the right one quite yet. We will keep,you informed.

  3. Well done, both of you. Nice to read the romantic and the more practical view on your beautiful project. Can’t want to see it (and you, of course) in a couple of days.
    Bisou, Ernestine

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